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why does my body keep  producing acne why can’t you focus on more important things like growing wings or making me hot 

FUN FACT: your body doesn’t just decide to produce acne. acne is the buildup of phagocytes (white blood cells) that have died while fighting to keep viruses and infections out of your skin. 

acne is literally the battlefield of thousands of soldiers who have died to protect you. 

acne is proof that your body actually cares.







I love this toss so much. And it’s actually really easy to do.

You lay the silk flat on the ground and put the (in this case paper/glitter) on the silk near the pole. Then roll it up until it’s all covered by the rolled part.

When you toss the silk will unroll and release what you put in it at the peak of the toss.


things go in flag, roll flag like burrito, clench tight until you toss, burrito goes poof, things rain down, pretty

thanks for translating into hornline vocab

(Source: iwhaleventually)

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